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Connor Holland is a songwriter and rapper from England, UK. Born on the 2nd of July 1998, I went publicly musical on the 1st of December 2013, at 15 years old. I did "Merry Christmas" with Relentless just for the hell of it, but then I got addicted. I was originally going to commentate games, then realised it wasn't for me, now I'm chasing a music career.

I never knew how to express myself until music came along - there was so much on my mind and the only way I could get it off my chest was to write it down, as I was never able to communicate in such ways with family as I always felt awkward. I started writing it down and later realised that some of it rhymed.

December 2014 saw the outbreak of my most-watched song on YouTube, grabbing 65 subscribers, 35 video likes, 22 comments, and 39 shares on Facebook. The song in question is called "The People", which saw complex rhyming-schemes in a rapid, forward-moving song about the world we're living in.

At the start of December 2015, I took a huge break from music - many problems were appearing in front of me each day, and I eventually brought myself to illness. My music career stood still for 1 month, with fans all over wondering what had happened, It's 2016 now, and I'm adopting a whole new image.